Global Warning System

11 10, 2018

GWS launches a next-generation security platform

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GWS Production in Sweden has launched a brand new Safeture 2.0. A new way to take control of employee safety. It is now possible to view travel bookings and share positions and warnings with others, while getting real-time information about important events. GWS is a global IT-company which works to help employees feel safe wherever [...]

12 06, 2017

Investor Newsletter

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Welcome to another edition of Global Warning System’s investor newsletter. The theme for this issue is ‘InsurTech’, how it will change the insurance industry and how GWS fits into this market. Read GWS Investor Newsletter

26 04, 2017

Kallelse till årsstämma i GWS Production AB (publ)

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Aktieägarna i GWS Production AB (publ), 556776-4674, kallas härmed till årsstämma måndagen den 29 maj 2017 kl. 10.00 i bolagets lokaler på Ideon Gateway, Scheelevägen 27, i Lund. Rätt att delta och anmälan Aktieägare som önskar delta i bolagsstämman ska vara införd i den av Euroclear Sweden AB förda aktieboken måndagen den 22 maj 2017, [...]

5 04, 2017

Investor Newsletter

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Welcome to another edition of Global Warning System’s investor newsletter. The theme for this issue is ‘Artificial Intelligence’, and how this piece of technology will shape the future of GWS. In this issue, you will find information about our grant from Vinnova, and our plans for artificial intelligence. Read GWS Investor Newsletter [...]

28 12, 2016

How a mobile app can keep you safe during a terrorist attack

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There have been many terrorist attacks around the world, coupled with intense worldwide media interest, leaving many people feeling uncertain about traveling. However, this is not reflected in the number of people traveling, as the travel industry is not slowing down. New research from WTTC shows that global travel and tourism continues to grow, despite [...]

16 12, 2016

Earthquake and Tsunami in New Zealand, 2016

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New Zealand often experiences earthquakes and tsunamis; however, this fact hasn’t deterred travelers from visiting the country. This part of the world situated on the Pacific Ocean’s Ring of Fire has caused 90% of the world earthquakes, and roughly 59% of the world’s tsunamis. Locals are often prepared and know how to react during an [...]

3 11, 2016

GWS: White paper

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How can mobile apps help travelers stay safe during a media shutdown? Travelers are often advised to monitor local media outlets; however, what should travelers do when local media is considered not free? Safeture, a mobile app, was able to keep travelers informed during the failed coup d’état in Turkey. Users were able to avoid [...]

24 10, 2016

How to stay informed during a media shutdown

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After the failed coup d’état in Turkey on July 15th, Turkey’s government, and its institutions are now starting to normalize, even though the after effects are still being felt. The seriousness of this event asks many travelers and locals alike, how do you stay safe and informed during a media shutdown? […]

7 06, 2016

Terrorist attack or just bad shrimp – staying safe during a conference

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    Brighton 1984 – a bomb explodes in the hotel where Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and her cabinet are staying for the Conservative Party conference, five people are killed. Seattle 1999 – massive and violent demonstrations erupt at the WTO Ministerial Conference resulting in what is later dubbed “the Battle of Seattle”. Rosemont, Illinois [...]